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Rethinking UK Research Funding

This Wednesday I’ll be traveling to Manchester for a conference titled Rethinking UK Research Funding which is part of the University of Manchester’s Policy Week 2015.  The speakers include representatives from UCEA and Research Councils UK — I hope they are prepared for rather pointed questions from the academics in the room!  The University and College Union is also supporting the conference (Michael MacNeil will be there, for those of you familiar with the union’s names and faces).

Today the blog for the conference updated with a reading list which includes a number of interesting papers.  I wrote to the organisers with two additional citations from the ‘Simulating the Social Processes of Science’ angle, in the hopes that we might gain some more interested parties on the back of this:
Modelling Academic Research Funding as a Resource Allocation Problem

Innovation Suppression and Clique Evolution in Peer-Review-Based, Competitive Research Funding Systems: An Agent-Based Model

Update: The organisers have just written to say they will add these two papers to the website as well.

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Paper for WCSS 2012

I’m pleased to say I’ll be presenting a paper at the 4th World Congress on Social Simulation, to be held in Taipei, Taiwan from 4-7 September 2012.  My paper is a multidisciplinary simulation effort incorporating substantial demographic expertise from my colleagues Jakub Bijak and Jason Hilton.

View/print the paper from my Google Docs repository here:  Semi-Artificial Models of Population: Connecting Demography with Agent-Based Modelling

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